Posted by Sundev on October 16, 2008.

Over for another 4 weeks anyway. We've had almost 100 people with us in Sunwell, but it's the small handful that stayed with us from the beginning that makes our guild, and made our Sunwell run possible. The raiders that stuck with us through the hardest instance ever created (and probably ever will be created) by Blizzard deserve all the credit for PB's success. That being said, we have some great new raiders too and I hope you guys will stick around and be our veteran raiders for WotLK.

Having been in PB since it was formed 2 years ago and being the MT for the past year and a half, I've seen a LOT of ups and downs, from the cries of "We/They are breaking up!" (for the last time, NO) when we get to a hard boss to the emo drama and raiders quitting when things get tough, I'm glad our core battled through it all and against all odds finished TBC on top. It's been a lot of fun beating the game with you guys.

WotLK in less than a month, be ready scrubs.

Descriptive Title

Posted by Sundev on July 28, 2008.

Ledge Boss down! [No one] dropped.




Get it...? Yeah blame that one on Zet.

Anyway decent job on Twins, between people trying to trinket off 'walk' (hint: it's not a debuff), suicide bombing the melee during conflag, and failing at standing on a ledge, we finally downed the boss(es).

is open for Shaman (Resto and Enhance), Shadow Priests, and Resto Druids. We consider all apps, but at the same time we only have two bosses left so be geared appropriately.

Took Us Long Enough, But...

Posted by Sundev on June 26, 2008.

We finally got Felmyst. We had some tough times over the past couple of months, not just on this boss but in general, and once again we made it through. Great job by everyone, from the vets who stuck with us to the new raiders who kept bringing their best game. Three down, three to go.

Recruitment is still open for the classes listed below, we're always looking for good raiders so apply now!

Filling out our Raiding Roster

Posted by Sundev on June 17, 2008.

Four more bosses and we beat the game (again). These last few months have been tough, we've lost a few good raiders and we need some talented players to fill in the last few pieces of our raiding team for Sunwell. We are looking for ONE of each of the following: Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Mage, Warlock (now full on Warlocks). Apply now on our recruitment forums for our final push towards Kil'Jaeden. We ask that all apps be appropriately geared, however we look at all applications very closely so even if you aren't a class we are actively recruiting or are slightly behind on gear you will be considered.

Patchwerk Brutallus Down

Posted by Sundev on April 16, 2008.

Tough fight, but in the end it all came together and we downed Brutallus. Healers really manned up tonight, great job.

Guild-first T6 belts go to Warbar, Nemcova, and Kalidas.

Kalecgos Freed

Posted by Sundev on April 16, 2008.

Back to raiding after 3 months of farming BT/Hyjal and we didn't miss a beat. A couple of solid nights and Kalecgos goes down/is freed. TBH I'm not sure what the storyline is cause I don't pay attention to that gay shit.

Grats to Kilee, Roc, and Miex on guild-first T6 bracers.

Illidan Stormrage. Down.

Posted by Sundev on 18/12/2007.

In true PB style, on the last attempt of the last raiding night of the last raiding week of the year, we did it. TWO NIGHTS on Illidan and he goes down. Impressive.

Amazing job by everyone, not just on Illidan but on our entire progression push in these last few weeks. Three raid locks, four new bosses down, including the last boss in the game. Everyone stepped up their game and got shit done, great job.

To our new raiders, thanks for showing the dedication we expect from PB members. To our veteran raiders, thanks for sticking through all the bullshit that we've gone through.

We peace kidded the game, GRATS PB!

Illidari Council

Posted by Sundev on 13/12/2007.

"Keep moving guys, don't do anything stupid" - Vindica, every three seconds, for 12 minutes, while downing Illidari Council.

Kulex and Clipse get guild first T6 legs, grats guys.

And with that, we're at Illidan. The last boss of The Burning Crusade. Just a couple months ago it seemed like we would never get here. Great work PB, we stepped it up, now let's finish this. Come prepared (lol).

Mother(fuckin) Shahraz

Posted by Sundev on 09/12/2007.

Resist fights are gay, parry mechanic is gay, therefore this fight is gay. QED. We still managed to do it in one night though, great job!

GRATS to Turbata and Vindica on guild first T6 shoulders.

Three's Company

Posted by Sundev on 28/11/2007.

We manned up and killed Souls in two nights, pretty impressive. Everyone stepped it up for the kill and did what they had to do. Except for the rogues. You need more dodge.

Three more to go.

Recruiting for Illidan!

Posted by Sundev on 22/11/2007.

Hyjal cleared. Four bosses in BT to go. If you are someone that wants to experience the end game of World of Warcraft, and you're an exceptional Druid, Rogue, or Paladin, apply now on our recruitment forums for our final push into Black Temple. We look at all applications very closely so even if you aren't a class we are actively recruiting you will be considered.


Posted by Sundev on 19/11/2007.

Finally got him. After trying a bunch of useless strats who woulda thought you just have to tank and spank him? Actually it's a bit more complicated than that but whatever. GRATS everyone. Guild first T6 Helms go to Daiji and some other scrub.

Teron Gorefiend Down

Posted by Sundev on 01/11/2007.

So... we suck at pet bars. But hey, it's a four minute fight, so can't really complain. Our healing and DPS really pulled through for us

P.S. parry mechanic FTL on a boss that crushes for 13k!


Posted by Sundev on 08/10/2007.

Another good month for PB. 6 new bosses down in 4 weeks (Naj'entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal, Azgalor, see below), and that includes taking a week to farm old content (17 bosses down that week!). Not bad, but now we are looking for a few more to fill in our raiding roster to complete our push for finishing BT and Hyjal. We're looking for Mages, Shamans, and Priests (Shadow and Holy). If that's you, go to our recruitment forums and apply now.

Gurtogg Bloodboil

Posted by Sundev on 07/10/2007.

Apparently he has a lot of HP.


Posted by Sundev on 20/09/2007.

The boss does some stuff, avoid it and win. Guild first T6 goes to Skilliock and Kalidas, grats!


Posted by Sundev on 17/09/2007.

Hardest trash waves and boss yet, but we got him down in the end. Only one more till Archimonde!

Anetheron Bites the Dust

Posted by Sundev on 12/09/2007.

See what I did there in the title... yeah it was pretty bad (another one bites the dust). Whatever, he's down.

Shade of Akama Down

Posted by Sundev on 10/09/2007.

Ignore the adds and zerg the boss imo.


Posted by Sundev on 06/09/2007.

Down after a few short attempts. We like BT.

Easy Trash FTW

Posted by Sundev on 06/09/2007.

Hooray for quick trash clears. Naj'entus down!

Waves of Trash FTL

Posted by Sundev on 27/08/2007.

Twenty minutes of trash per attempt is a bit much but it was worth it for our first Hyjal kill. Rage Winterchill down!

Kael Ironman'd, World First!

Posted by Sundev on 20/08/2007.

Sundev firmly denies accusations of using banned performance enhancing substances: "My eyes have had a yellow glow since birth."

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